Campaign Platform

Why I am running

To give a voice to District 1 voters who are not being heard by the Idaho Legislature. Government works best when it’s composed of equal viewpoints of opposing parties. I am a working Idahoan and I will bring the values of other working Idahoans to the legislature.


District 1 needs a representative that supports education, access to healthcare, putting public lands and economic interests on equal grounds with protections for the environment, and a commitment to repair out crumbling highway infrastructures. Keeping our traditional businesses prosperous.


Agriculture Industry

Support of our traditional agriculture and forest product businesses.

Modern Workforce

Attracting modern day businesses to offer college graduates a place of employment in Idaho.

Medicaid Expansion

Medicaid eligibility expansion of health coverage subsidies for working Idaho families.

Increase Minimum Wage

Supporting the increasing of the minimum wage.

Government Accountability

Holding government accountable and defending your rights.

Public Land Use

Public land use is a collaborative effort between all users and not for sale.

Education Funding

Education funding formulae has to include students, teachers, and building maintenance.

2nd Amendment Support

I support the 2nd amendment. Gun owners need to be competent and to be advocates of proper handling.

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