About Stephen Howlett



I came to Blaine County Idaho in 1969, moving to Bonner County in 1977 then to Boundary County in 1978. I have been here for forty nine years. I worked in the lumber industry for ten years. I have been a building and remolding contractor for the last thirty years.

I have been an elected precinct captain for fourteen years. I volunteered for the Boundary County ambulance Asso. for eighteen years. I served as the chairman of Boundary County Parks and Recreation Dept. for 17 years.

My wife Gerry Ann and I have a daughter Kayla. Kayla and Lucas have two daughters Avery and Brooke. I always like to say that I am a direct ascendant of Idaho first and second generations.

I am running to give a voice to District 1 voters who are not being heard by the Idaho Legislature. Government works best when it’s composed of equal viewpoints of opposing parties. I am a working Idahoan and I will bring the values of other working Idahoans to the legislature.

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